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69th NYSV Company C

Members List

list of current members and new members.

All active on the 69th NYSV roster

Co. C, Commander
Major La Chev. Neil Morrison, CSStS

NeilTheThird@juno.com  (H)

1st Battalion Commander
Major Michael “Shane” Padden

Company C Battlefield Commander, 1st Lieutenant
Chip Duncan
Garth Stone
1st Cpl
Devon Stone

Pvt. Sean R. Ambrose

Pvt. Rick Ambrose

Pvt. La Chev. Jim (O’Brien) Aspaas, KCStS

Pvt. La Chev. Mukthar Bari, CStS

Colour Sgt. Don Butz

Pvt. Steven Combs

Pvt. Travis Combs Bag piper extrodinaire

Pvt. Max Copenhagen

Pvt Jeremiah DeGennarro (TDY Army of the Cumberland)

Pvt. Fontain Douhett

Pvt. Robert Dorsey

Pvt. Nicholas Dorsey

Pioneer Chad Duncan

Pvt. James Massengale (signal corps)

Pvt. Michael Massengale (signal corps)

Pvt. Laura Massengale

Pvt. Wayne Massengale

Pvt. Robert Massengale

Pvt. Tom Turner (retired)

Ordinance Sgt. George Voss


Civillian Corps

Kathy “Duchess” of Ashley

Wayne “Dutch” of Ashley

Mistress Christy “Flame” Carr

Mistress Donna Searcy

Mistress Shaylin Ambrose

Mrs. Lisa Bari

Layla Ann Bari

Ms. Mary Martin “O’Brien”

Ms. Lee Van der Weydan

 We are no longer members of the ACWS, we are now an  independent unit.  You can join the unit directly without an ACWS membership.