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69th NYSV Company C

69th at Gettysburg 2008

The 69th New York State Volunteers Company C, is a Civil War Re-enactment Regiment with the American Civil War Society.  We honor the New York area Irish who fought in the American Civil War.  The 69th NYSV Company C "Fighting Irish" was the color guard unit for the famed Irish Brigade of the Union Army. 

We are a living history group that represents soldiers and civilians of  the Amercian Civil War.  We are family oriented, and have members from all walks of life.  The 2008 season is nearing an end, but it is not too late to join us.  The 2009 season starts in January. 

 If you are interested in  participating in this interesting and exciting hobby, contact  Neil Morrison or Shane Padden .  Their e-mail addresses are listed on the contacts page.

69th Camp at Gettysburg

The Regimental Battle cry, "Faugh An Ballagh" owes it's orgin to the battle of Fontenoy in France when a tiny unit of Irish soldiers was ordered to "Clear the Way" for the French Army though a vastly superior number of British, They did.  The Battle Cry was first used during the American Civil War at the first Battle of Bull Run (Manassas).  "Faugh An Ballagh" is simply Irish for "Clear the Way".